A Guide To DUI Defense

When you are charged with a DUI offense, it can be a very stressful experience with a lot to lose. Due to the severity of the situation, you will need to learn some important information on driving under the influence charges and how to fight them. In this regard, you can start out with these points below, as you also reach out to a DUI defense attorney who will be able to assist you. 

Hire The Best DUI Lawyer That You Can Find

If you are thinking about representing yourself in a DUI case, you should immediately reconsider. This is a potential criminal offense, so you will need to do your best to hire the most experienced DUI attorney that you can find. One way to find the best attorney is through a referral from someone who has successfully fought a DUI charge. Never make a hire without sitting down with the attorney for a consultation, asking how many times they have won or lost in court. This consultation is usually free and will also let you get a feel for what the working relationship will be like, should you decide to hire this DUI attorney.

Understand The Circumstances That You Are Dealing With

Once you have been arraigned by the judge and given a court date, reality will set in and you'll have an idea of what you are facing in court. This is the time that you and your attorney will begin discussing the case and the likelihood of acquittal or plea bargain. It is important to know exactly what you're facing, so that you will feel comfortable with however you and your attorney decide to move forward. Typically, you might expect to pay about $10,000 in fees and fines from a DUI conviction, and you may also deal with losing your license, missing time at work, and even serving time in jail. 

Communicate Honestly And Consistently With Your DUI Lawyer

The likelihood of winning your case will depend on how you communicate with your lawyer. Your attorney will best be able to create a defense for you when you are honest about every circumstance with the case and able to remain consistent in your recollection of events. For instance, if your DUI lawyer is defending you with the assertion that mouthwash triggered a false positive breathalyzer test, you'll need to be honest and consistent so that the scientific research, witness testimony, and your own recollection match up in a way that will make sense to a judge or jury. 

Consider these points so that you are able to beat your DUI case.