Why You Need An Attorney If Charged With Domestic Violence

If you're arrested for domestic violence, your mind might be racing as to the effect this charge could have on you. It's important to remain as calm as you can and find an attorney who has had success in representing those accused of domestic violence. This isn't a time at which it's smart to attempt to defend yourself, even if doing so might seem tempting for whatever reason. As soon as you're able to sit down with an attorney, you can begin to tell your side of the story and help him or her to build your defense. Here are some reasons that you definitely need an attorney in this situation.

It's Your Best Chance At A Dismissal 

Domestic violence cases get dropped all of the time for a multitude of different reasons. When you have an experienced domestic violence attorney fighting for you, there's a higher chance of getting a case dismissal than if you were to attempt to represent yourself. A seasoned attorney can investigate every element of your case to not only discern whether the alleged victim is credible, but also whether the arresting police officer followed protocol. A dismissal of your case will help you to avoid the undesirable consequences of being found guilty, such as jail time.

You Can Clear Your Name

In today's society, few types of charges are as shunned as domestic violence — and justifiably so. If people in your community, whether it's your neighbors, your colleagues, or people in your social circle, learn of your arrest, you'll face serious ostracizing. When your domestic violence attorney is able to get your charge dropped, you'll be taking one big step toward clearing your name and rebuilding your damaged reputation.

You'll Learn Whether A Plea Is Best

Any experienced domestic violence attorney will be able to look at the details of your case and get an idea of how things might proceed in court. While the attorney's foremost goal will always be to get the charge dropped, the evidence against you may be overwhelmingly high — and that could mean that going to court could be risky. As a legal expert, your attorney will be able to tell you if it's advisable to take a plea deal to a lesser charge. This isn't something that you'd likely consider without an attorney, and it may make a big difference to you by saving a difficult trial that has a strong chance of resulting in a guilty verdict.