Why You Should Hire A DUI Attorney Who Has Additional Training In Addiction Issues

Whenever you need to hire a legal professional, you'll always want to ask lots of questions about his or her qualifications. It's ideal if your attorney is a noted expert in the field of law that applies to you, something that you'll learn if you find legal articles that he or she wrote or you find out that the attorney has taught seminars on this particular area of the law. If you've been arrested for DUI, an attorney who specializes in DUI cases is important. However, you can also sometimes find attorneys who have sought and received additional training in addiction issues. Here are some reasons that this attorney is a good one to hire.

He/She Can Make A Compelling Case

You want an attorney who truly understands addiction to alcohol, especially if you feel as though your DUI charge has directly resulted from having a problem with drinking. Someone who understands addiction issues isn't just looking at your case from a legal perspective, he or she is also evaluating the situation from an addiction perspective. This means that this attorney may do a better job of explaining addiction should your case go to trial, which can help the judge to see you as someone who needs help, not punishment.

He/She Will Have More Empathy Toward You

It's embarrassing when you're arrested for DUI, and you may feel sheepish about each interaction that you have with your attorney because you know that you've made a mistake and you wonder what your attorney might be thinking about your character. When you hire a legal professional who has training in addiction issues, it's more likely that he or she will possess a higher degree of empathy toward you because of his or her understanding of addiction. This can make you feel more comfortable in each interaction with the attorney.

He/She Can Steer You Toward Treatment

While your primary goal of finding DUI attorney services is to get your charge dropped or reduced, you also need to think about addressing your problem with alcohol. A DUI attorney isn't an addictions counselor, but if your attorney has received addiction training, he or she may be able to successfully steer you toward getting the help that you need more than an attorney who hasn't received this training. Your attorney may even have some names of treatment facilities that he or she can help you get admitted to.