What Is Hearsay?

When many people find themselves in court, they wonder what kind of evidence can be used against them. There are many restrictions regarding the kind of evidence that can be used against you in the courtroom if you are a defendant in a criminal trial.

While most people have heard of "hearsay," there are also many that don't really know what that means. Not sure what to expect in court? Here's what you need to know about hearsay in court.

What Is Hearsay?

Generally, hearsay refers to a statement made to a witness by a third party outside of the court. The statements are not considered credible because the court does not have the opportunity to cross-examine the individual who made the statement in question.

As a result of hearsay rules, an individual may not make statements that are based on rumor or evidence that comes out on a secondhand basis.

Are There Exceptions to Hearsay Rules?

There are some exceptions to the typical hearsay rules, and you should be aware that some statements could still be used against you depending on the circumstances.

For example, you should keep in mind that a statement could be introduced not based on a fact but rather on the context of the situation. For instance, a statement could be used to show how one person perceived another person, even if that perception was not correct.

Keep in mind that the judge has the final say on whether or not a piece of evidence or testimony is considered hearsay. It is important that you keep in mind that the exceptions are many, and an argument can be made for all types of statements.

Additionally, each case differs from state to state. You may find that some states allow certain statements that another will not. A criminal defense attorney knows what qualifies as hearsay and what does not.

You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

No matter what the case is against you, you need to consult with a criminal defense attorney. An attorney is the only individual who can help you understand the law and ensure that you are using evidence that will not be called into question during testimony.

Make an appointment with an attorney today to learn more about your criminal defense options. You need to have a plan in place that allows you to avoid trying to use tactics like hearsay in court.

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