Double Jeopardy And Exceptions To The Rule

You cannot be charged with the same crime twice. That is the basic rule of double jeopardy. This rule came about because of the unfairness of charging someone until they were finally found guilty of a crime. For instance, if a person were charged with murder and found not guilty at a trial, they cannot be charged again for that same murder. However, as with all things, exceptions exist.  Double Jeopardy Situations Read More 

4 Tips For Finding A Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

Finding a criminal defense lawyer can be an arduous task. This is because there is an abundance of criminal defense attorneys available, all of which assert they're the best ever to grace a courtroom. Luckily, with the proper guidance and research, you can quickly locate the best lawyer for your needs. With that in mind, here is an overview of 4 tips for finding a criminal defense attorney.  Request Referrals  Read More