3 Reasons To Contact An Assault Attorney After A Confrontation

Being charged with assault can be a very frightening experience. Your charges could be exaggerated, not reflecting what actually happened. And, if you have never been arrested before, navigating the criminal justice system may seem confusing and overwhelming. If you want to protect your rights and give yourself the best chance at a favorable outcome, you need to contact an assault attorney as soon as possible after your arrest. These lawyers are experienced in handling these types of cases and will defend your interests every step of the way. Read More 

What Is Meant By Uncontested Divorce?

Not all divorcing couples have disagreements that can affect the course of their divorce. If you and your spouse agree on a few major issues, you might want to consider having an uncontested divorce. To learn more, read below. What Does It Take to Have an Uncontested Divorce? When you contest something, in legal terms, you are disagreeing with it. So, an uncontested divorce means that both parties are certain that they will agree to all the terms of the divorce. Read More 

The Phone Call That Could Ruin Your Accident Claim

Coping with injuries after a car accident is not easy. To make matters worse, insurers that you trust may be far from worthy of that trust. Read on and learn why something as simple as a phone call could ruin your accident claim before you've had time to heal completely. Who is Calling You? Your own insurer will need to be notified of the accident as soon as possible, regardless of who was at fault. Read More 

3 Criminal Defense Cases A Lawyer Can Help You Solve

Criminal cases can be stressful and difficult to handle yourself. If you or someone close to you has been charged with a crime, a criminal defense attorney will be a valuable ally. They'll fight for you and can save you from years of imprisonment. Read on to find out the criminal defense cases an attorney will help you solve. 1. Drug Charges Drug charges can be tough to tackle. To make matters worse, they can add up and make you face many consequences, from jail time down to fines and probation. Read More 

When Your Marriage Won’t Survive Your Golden Years

The older you are, the more impactful financial matters can be. To protect your financial interests, you must stay on top of your needs going forward. If you have already retired and are on Social Security, you might now be on a fixed income. Pensions and other investments are excellent ways to save for retirement but they, too, constitute a fixed income in most cases. Some hear the term fixed income and don't understand the limitations it places on seniors. Read More