A Guide To DUI Defense

When you are charged with a DUI offense, it can be a very stressful experience with a lot to lose. Due to the severity of the situation, you will need to learn some important information on driving under the influence charges and how to fight them. In this regard, you can start out with these points below, as you also reach out to a DUI defense attorney who will be able to assist you. Read More 

Don’t Let A Positive Drug Test Convince You To Take A Plea—Those Tests May Be More Unreliable Than You Think!

If you're under arrest for a drug charge, hearing from the police or the prosecution that the drug tests on any evidence they've seized (including your bloodwork) have come back positive might just be enough to make you throw in the proverbial towel and agree to a plea bargain. Before you do that, however, have a long talk with your attorney about just how unreliable those drug tests can actually be—and learn more about how they can be overcome in court. Read More 

3 Things To Know If You Are Arrested For A Drug Crime From Your Roommate’s Actions

If the police showed up to your apartment with a search warrant and arrested you and your roommate for a drug crime, you may wonder why this has happened, especially if you had no clue there were drugs in the apartment. When drugs are found in an apartment, the police have the right to arrest everyone living there; however, this does not mean that your drug charge will stick. Here are a couple important things you should know if you are in a situation like this. Read More 

2 Reasons To Consider Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer

One of the hardest parts about dealing with criminal charges that have been leveled against you is trying to plan out your defense strategy. Listed below are just two reasons to consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer to help you with your case.  Prepared For Federal Cases A reason to hire a criminal defense lawyer is if you have been charged with breaking a federal law. This is because when you break a federal law things will get much more complicated than if you broke a state law, which can make it much harder to plan out a defense strategy. Read More 

3 Possible Defenses To An Arson Charge

Burning down property that isn't yours could land you in serious trouble with the law. If you are charged with arson, there are three possible defenses you may be able to take to prove your innocence.  To help you better understand what it is that you are dealing with and what your lawyer is going to be able to do for you, check out some possible defenses used in cases like yours. Read More