What Is Hearsay?

When many people find themselves in court, they wonder what kind of evidence can be used against them. There are many restrictions regarding the kind of evidence that can be used against you in the courtroom if you are a defendant in a criminal trial. While most people have heard of "hearsay," there are also many that don't really know what that means. Not sure what to expect in court? Here's what you need to know about hearsay in court. Read More 

What a Criminal Lawyer Does for You When You’re Facing Charges

When a criminal defense lawyer accepts a case, what do they do for the defendant? Is this something you are wondering about? If so, you're probably wondering about this because you are facing criminal charges. You should hire a lawyer right after you've been accused of a crime, no matter what charges you face. You should also understand what your lawyer will do for you once you them. Here is a breakdown of the primary responsibilities a criminal lawyer has after a person hires them. Read More