Understanding The Courtroom Process

Startling Facts About Crimes: Why You May Want A Criminal Defense Lawyer Defending You

If you have found yourself charged with a heinous crime, you may think that your innocence will reveal itself. That is not always so, even when you have a lawyer that believes you and backs you up. The following facts about crime and conviction are startling enough that you may seriously pursue your right to a criminal defense lawyer to defend you after you have read these facts. Crooked Cops Exist Read More 

Three Guidelines To Help You Decide Whether You Need A Lawyer For Your DUI Charge

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), one of the first decisions you have to make is whether to represent yourself or retain an attorney. This is an important decision that can determine how much of your resources you spend on the case, and your chances of getting a favorable outcome. Use these three guidelines to make up your mind: Definitely Hire a Lawyer If… There are two main situations in which you shouldn't approach your DUI case without an attorney's help. Read More 

What Happens When You Get Arrested For A DUI? The Process You Will Face

If you have made the decision to get behind the wheel after a night out of drinking, you just might find yourself getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). A police officer will pull you over if it appears that you have been driving erratically, or they may pull you over for some other reason such as a headlight being out on your car. Here is what you can expect in pretty much every state if you are pulled over and the officer suspects you have been drinking. Read More 

Can You Sue If You’re Attacked In Jail?

Jail is designed so that nobody likes going there. However, the Constitution still prohibits cruel and unusual punishments, and people who are being held on criminal charges do not forfeit basic human rights. While TV and movies like to play up jail violence, this is not something that's acceptable in real life. Here are your legal rights to be free from violence while you're being held in jail. Can a Jail Sanction Violence? Read More 

When Can You Be Charged With Obstruction Of Justice?

You obstruct justice if you engage in an act that interferes with an ongoing prosecution or investigation of a criminal suspect. Many people take it to mean refusing to provide information on a criminal investigation, but that is only one example. Many other things can constitute an obstruction of justice. Here are three examples to make the charge clearer: Warning the Subject of an Ongoing Investigation Warning a person that the authorities are investigating them can constitute an obstruction of justice. Read More